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Will try to get a small website about Mats3 and MatsSocket going, to provide information about the library.

Using Github pages and Jekyll, with the Minimal Mistakes theme.


  • “PR material” for the library - explaining what it is.
  • JavaDocs published (!)
  • Documentation
  • Articles/blogs about how to use, and not use, messaging in a multi-service architecture.

Betting on Jekyll might be unwise, given that there are doubts whether it will be continued, e.g. this The Register article, linking to the “Rip Jekyll” blogpost by Jared White. However, the Jekyll project does not seem entirely dead, at least.

Hopefully, since Github evidently uses it for “millions of users and sites”, it will stick around a few more years. And, since the main point of Jekyll is that it is a static Markdown/text-based solution without any complicated database, just using some meta info in form of “Front Matter”, even if it dies completely, the text will still be around.